Immigration Sponsorship Consultant in Canada

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Immigration Sponsorship Consultant in Canada

You may be eligible to assist a family member who wishes to immigrate to Canada if you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen. As an immigration sponsorship consultant in Canada, we can tell you that one of the foundations of Canada’s immigration system is family reunion.

The Family Class Sponsorship Program allows adult permanent residents or citizens to sponsor a relative for immigration to Canada, bringing families together. The individual requesting sponsorship must be a:

  1. A common-law partner, spouse, or a conjugal companion,
  2. A dependent child
  3. Parent\grandparent
  4. Unmarried sibling, nephew, niece, or grandchild under the age of 18 whose parents have died

Unless the person being sponsored is a legitimate resident of Canada, such as on a work or study visa, (s)he must live outside of the country.

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