4 Incredible Places to Work & Live in Canada

4 Incredible Places to Work & Live in Canada

You’ve come to the right place if you want to know the best places to work and live In Canada. Today, many individuals are preparing to relocate to other nations, towns, and locations. Moving to Canada, on the other hand, has been one of the most talked-about subjects among those considering a transfer.

Canada is one of the finest nations in which to live and work, and the people who live there are proof of it. Canada is the world’s second-best country and second-largest country, behind Switzerland. Canada appears to be an awesome place in terms of sustainability, cultural heritage, entrepreneurship, economy, and other areas.

Other interesting facts about Canada include:

  1. In terms of economy, Canada is the 14th largest in the world. As a result, it might be included in the list of the world’s wealthiest countries.
  2. Unemployment in the United States is lower than in other nations.
  3. Canada is also on the list of the world’s most peaceful countries.
  4. They have made significant contributions to medicine, technology, scientific innovation, and other disciplines.
  5. For a long time, same-gender marriage has been a part of Canadian society.

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Incredible places to work & live in Canada

  1. Calgary

Calgary is one of the greatest locations to work and live in Canada, and residents enjoy a variety of benefits. It has also been ranked sixth as “The World’s Most Livable City” by The Economist‘s International Weekly edition for the past seven years.

Calgary is well-known for its yearly Stampede, which attracts the greatest educators, entertainers, and hosts from all over the globe. Calgary is home to over a million people who enjoy the greatest of amenities as well as all of the city’s interesting characteristics.

  • Calgary is the world’s cleanest city.

Calgary was named The Cleanest City in The World in a Forbes Magazine poll in 2007 and was able to maintain the title in 2014. It boasts good sewage and drinking water systems, as well as minimal levels of air pollution.

  • Sales Tax is Low

One of the major advantages of living in Calgary is that federal goods and services are taxed at a lower rate of 5% than in Ontario and Quebec, where the overall tax rate is 15%. This allows one to save a significant amount of money, lowering the cost of living in Calgary.

  • A Workable Public Transit System

It is simpler for residents of Calgary to commute to and from work and other destinations because of a large network of trains and buses.

  • Calgary is located in a central place

It’s simple and quick to get from Calgary to locations like Edmonton, Glacier National Park, Vancouver, and Toronto.


  1. Vancouver

Ever wondered about Vancouver and what it’s like to live there? What kind of activities do people do in the city on a daily basis? We’re here to help you navigate it all and tell you all you need to know about Vancouver.

Vancouver, on the mainland of British Columbia, is regarded as one of the best cities in Canada to live and work in. Vancouver is one of Canada’s most attractive cities, offering stunning scenery and a rich urban experience to enjoy.

  • Food is readily available.

Diners, Restaurants, Cafes, and Buffets abound throughout Vancouver, offering the greatest cuisine. Big-time foodies who share a passion for seafood flock to the city in droves. Residents may also take advantage of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables due to the city’s diverse climate.

  • Cultural Diversity

It’s fascinating to witness so many individuals from various ethnic backgrounds cohabiting. The city provides you with neighbors from all over the world, allowing you to broaden your cultural horizons.

  • Education System Is Outstanding

Vancouver offers a unique public education system with ample resources and some of the top public primary schools in the world.


  1. Toronto

Toronto is a world-class city with a varied population of individuals from all walks of life and a plethora of businesses that provide excellent work possibilities for all citizens. With all of these unique characteristics, Toronto is a fantastic draw for young professionals looking to relocate, and it ranks among Canada’s Best Places to Live and Work.

  • Toronto is Canada’s largest city.

As one of Canada’s major cities, Toronto offers excellent transportation options, cultural diversity, and many other advantages.

  • Toronto is a global financial and business hub.

Toronto, being a hub for business and finance, is an excellent place for entrepreneurs to begin. Not only that, but with all of the multinational corporations doing business here, the economy is robust and there are plenty of job possibilities.

  • Toronto Is an Economically Secure City to Live in

Toronto is well recognized for being an economically safe city to live in, as The Economist Magazine proclaimed in 2015. It’s also one of the safest cities in Canada to live and work, having low crime rates.

  • Toronto Has a Fantastic Array of Performing Arts Venues and Parks

Toronto is home to a diverse range of cultural acts, including ballet, opera, musical theater, and much more. It also has a natural feel to it, with all of the beautiful green parks adding to the city’s beauty and history. Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, Toronto makes the list of Canada’s Best Places to Live and Work.


  1. Ottawa

When it comes to the best places to work and live in Canada, Ottawa is certain to come up. Ottawa, like any other city, has its ups and downs, but the perfect combination of metropolitan life and small-town charm keeps things fresh. It is also home to the well-known City of Ontario, which is located in North America.

  • Ottawa is a financially secure city.

Economic stability is a key criterion for a city to be listed among Canada’s best places to work and live. It has openings in a variety of sectors, including work permit positions, manufacturing, marketing, education, and sales.

  • Ottawa is a safe city with a low crime rate.

With the global crime rate growing at an alarming rate, it is particularly commendable that Ottawa, unlike Calgary, has a crime rate of less than 735, making it an excellent city and one of Canada’s Best Places to Live and Work.

  • Ottawa Has a Lot of Green Space and Biking Areas

Ottawa has the most parks in Canada, which are dispersed around the city and make it simpler to visit virtually all places as if they were within walking distance.


The bottom line,

Besides the cities on our list, there are many other cities in Canada that qualify for inclusion on the list of best places to work and live in Canada. Many immigrants already call this prosperous country home, and those considering relocating should do so without hesitation.

I hope this information has answered all of your questions and provided you with all of the information you require to begin your immigration process. Remember, Hillcrest Immigration & Consulting Corporation is your go-to. Give us a call when you’re ready and watch us work our magic.

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